Flawed Product

Site-specific performance 2019-2020

Idea: Liavaag/Lindberg

Directed by Ingrid Liavaag 

Performed by Oda Aunan, Petra Casale, Silje Lindberg, Cecilie Solberg

Script writer: Ingrid Liavaag

Dramaturg: Siri Løkholm Ramberg

Composer: Martin Rane Bauck

Costume design: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Sound design: Yvonne Stenberg 

Graphic design: Ginevra Dondina

Produced by Rose Marie Akeron on behalf of Liavaag/Lindberg

in collaboration with RemoteControl 

Is there a place in our society for human flaws? And can we accept ourselves and each other as flawed products?


In between aisles, groceries and colourful advertising posters we meet customers and employees. A mosaic of stories; people in different crisis that become a community - a choir.  Songs of complaints and streams of thoughts are heard and shopping carts are filled. The grocery store - like the community - offers endless options. Customers try to make the right choice while navigating products and flawed products.

Flawed product is a site-specific performance in a grocery store by Liavaag/Lindberg. The performance is played during the opening hours of Rema 1000 stores. The show was presented in Trondheim, Verdal, Inderøy and Steinkjer and premiered in october 2019 with the collaboration of Rosendal Teater and Turneteater.



Liavaag/Lindberg is a theatre company founded in 2016. The company has an interdisciplinary artistic profile, with the aim of creating contemporary theatre for a wide audience. They let surroundings / architecture / spaces be the starting point for their projects. The company first production was MELP - people are made of porcelain played at Bærum Kunsthall, Oslo 2017. Both Ingrid Liavaag and Silje Lindberg trained as as actors and theatre makers. Lindberg is a 2015 graduate from the Theatre and Acting department at Nord University. Liavaag attended École Jacques Lecoq, LEM (Laboratory of Movement Study) in Paris, and is now doing a MA in Theatre at the Theatre College in Oslo. 

In 2020 they will create the performance  SeaMe! in collaboration with RemoteControl.

Project supported by Art Council Norway, FFUK, SPENN and Dramatikkens Hus, Trondelag Fylkeskommune, Rosendal Theatre in Trondheim and Turnéteatret in Trøndelag.